Professional Mold Inspection Sacramento and Mold Testing Sacramento

Sacramento Mold Testing provides it's professional property mold testing and inspection services throughout the Sacramento region. Our experienced area inspectors are Sacramento natives who know the area and the contaminants they're inspecting and testing.

If you would like to learn more about indoor mold, our company or its inspectors over the phone, please call us at (866) 587-1020.

More About Our Company, Our Services and the Science of Mold

Mold inspections with indoor air and surface testing should only be conducted by an industry-certified and experienced company with the background and merits that promote consistent quality.

Our services include:

  • Mold Testing of the Surfaces and Air (Air Quality Testing)
  • Indoor Allergen Testing and Assessment
  • Leak Detection and Moisture Testing
  • Infrared Inspection & Survey / Infrared Thermal Imaging Assessment
  • Mold Assessment and Mold Mitigation of the Property
  • Water Damage Assessment and Mitigation
  • Laboratory Analysis of Mold Samples Taken
  • Complete Review of Findings and Laboratory Report
  • Recommendations for Repair and Remediation, If Needed

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